Staff News: Introducing our new Digital Marketing Coordinator

Staff News: Introducing our new Digital Marketing Coordinator

Staff News: Introducing our new Digital Marketing Coordinator

Insight180 is happy to introduce our new digital marketing coordinator, Caroline Cerand! We are excited to have her on board and believe she will be a great asset to our team! Meet Caroline:

My path to digital marketing and becoming insight180’s digital marketing coordinator has not been a straight line. But then again, the choices we have and make and experiences along the way are what make life interesting.

I went to the University of Mary Washington, a small, vibrant, academically rigorous liberal arts college in Fredericksburg, VA, and like many starting their college careers, I did not have a clear picture of what my  career path might look like. I was interested in so many things, and took a variety of classes to see what I truly enjoyed and what I might be good at. Eventually, I found a calling in both Marketing and English, and decided to create my own major within the Communications Department — with a focus on Digital Marketing (at the time, my school didn’t offer a standard course for this degree, but allowed individual studies).

In the summer of 2015, I worked as a marketing intern at Brothers Services Company, a home remodeling company. I worked on a number of projects that allowed me to make an impact for the company, gave me hands-on experience in marketing tactics, and afforded me the opportunity to work in a professional office environment.

Going into my senior year, I volunteered in the school’s athletic department. As a student-athlete myself, I worked as the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Service Coordinator, where I managed two community- and campus-wide fundraisers and ran the tutoring program. I really enjoyed working in the department, which included managing social media for the fundraisers, allowing me to gain more exposure in my field.

Upon graduation in 2016, I accepted a graduate internship — this time, with a construction product wholesale company called Kenseal Construction Products. I managed the Kenseal social media presence and assisted the marketing manager with email campaigns, print media, and other tasks to assist the team. This was where I really began to love digital marketing.

I had always known that I wanted to serve others and make an impact, and having the opportunity to work with both a large company AND the school’s athletic department helped to confirm this.

I was fortunate enough to have attended an American Marketing Association networking event in the spring, where I met Wendy Baird of insight180. While I was researching insight180, I found a business description that resonated — “We work with growing small- to mid-size businesses and nonprofits that sell the invisible – forward-thinkers whose main product is a service, idea or advice.” I was instantly drawn to insight180; I applied and interviewed, and the rest is history.

I am very excited to join insight180, to learn and grow with our clients, and make a difference with the entire insight180 team!

– Caroline Cerand, Digital Marketing Coordinator



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